About the project

Through the realization of field lessons in the area near the school where all the specimens of trees are located, the students will get to know and name the species and, thanks to this, get to know the language of natural history (scientific names of plant species) in an age-appropriate way.

The determination of individual types of trees will contribute to the understanding of some of the concepts of general knowledge about nature and the environment.

Demonstration and explanation of the scientific name, the electronic way of marking each tree, and the editing of a website that will contain all the information related to a certain species.

Develop interest in practical work using and applying modern technologies. To acquire and expand knowledge about the plant world. Train students for a future occupation or hobby.

Developing environmental awareness and sustainable development. To achieve unity between the school and the local community through educational and work actions. Involve and report to the public on the results of the activities and the project.


  • Promotion of ecological values ​​and sustainable development through the application of information and communication skills using modern technologies

  • Dentifying and naming trees in the immediate vicinity of the school and marking them electronically.

  • Developing a research relationship towards the environment and documenting observations using a website (create a website using free and simple web tools, process images and other multimedia files for display on a website)

  • Using information sources available through computer networks, assessing the quality of content and credibility of computer pages for the purpose of own research, learning and problem solving (GOO).

  • Independent use of a computer when writing and processing texts, creating tables, and creating and presenting presentations

  • Developing creativity and handling tools for shaping information and presenting school activities to the public. Developing love for nature, homeland and cultural heritage

The authors of this project are Bernarda Musović and Branko Raičković.

The project was presented at Carnet’s user conference in Šibenik in 2018 and the international meeting of IC Technology “Mipro 2019” in Opatija.

The project has the approval of the Ministry of Science and Education for implementation in all elementary schools of the Republic of Croatia as an extracurricular activity.